Special alloys

If the alloy you are looking for is not listed in any of the product ranges on our website please contact us to discuss your metallurgical requirements. KBM Affilips has developed many non-standard alloys in close consultation with the end users. Alloys that are produced to customer specification.

Our casthouses are capable of melting heats as small as 200 kg up to 5 mt. We can melt under protective atmosphere, we can stir, vacuum degas, cast into ingots, plate, splatter or continuously cast into Conticast bar or nugget. We have aluminothermic reduction technology and we have powder compacting facilities. We can cut, break, crush and sieve.  Toxic alloys can be made in special sealed off production units using state of the art environmental protection equipment. Our laboratories are world class.

Please contact us if you need an alloy that is hard to find. Based on decades of metallurgical experience there is every chance that together we will find or develop a suitable alloy for you.

In support of our continuous innovation 
program we welcome inquiries for:








  • BIT alloys
  • Stellites
  • Vacuum grade alloys
  • Aluminothermic alloys
  • Heat resistant alloys
  • Permanent magnets (alloys)
  • Corrosion resistant alloys
  • Cobalt based alloys
  • Nickel based alloys
  • High temperature alloys
  • Zinc based alloys
  • Tin phosphorus (SnP)
  • Nickel chrome boron (NiCrB)