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KBM Affilips B.V. is the marketing and sales company for the master alloys manufactured by its production companies KBM Master Alloys B.V. and Affilips N.V.; both founded in the early sixties of the last century. Production takes place in three metallurgical plants in The Netherlands and Belgium:

KBM Master Alloys B.V. ā€“ Delfzijl* and Oss (NL)

KBM has established a reputation as an innovator and cost leader in the production of Aluminium-titanium-boron grain refiners for the aluminium industry, offering a wide range of advanced products in this field. Other products include Aluminium-strontium and alloying tablets/briquettes.

* N.B. The Delfzijl plant is the former Kawecki-Billiton plant, the first AlTiB producer in Europe, previously owned by Shell/Billiton.

Affilips N.V. ā€“ Tienen (B)

Affilips has an excellent reputation as a producer of aluminium, copper, nickel, cobalt and zinc based master alloys. Affilipsā€™ customers use these master alloys in the manufacture of a wide range of highly specialized metal products, including special steels and superalloys for aircraft engines, nuclear reactors and other demanding applications. Thanks to its extensive use of recycled raw materials, where suitable, Affilips can achieve both environmental and economic objectives at the same time.

Affilips' company website: Affilips N.V.


KBM Affilips B.V.

The merger between KBM and Affilips resulted in a valuable mixture of knowledge and experience, allowing KBM Affilips to present itself as a global partner for a wide range of industries. As one of the major players in the international market KBM Affilips is a totally export-driven organisation that ships about 50,000 tonnes of master alloys to 80 countries annually. Consistent and excellent product quality is assured by independently certified quality and environmental management systems, modern laboratories and R&D facilities.

KBM Affilips is also a reliable partner in the field of logistics. All its plants are located in the vicinity of major ports and the company has developed a vast expertise in worldwide shipping.

Company registration of KBM Affilips

Company Registration

KBM Affilips B.V. is registered with the Chamber of 
Commerce of Den Bosch (NL) under no. 16071631

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