Management systems

All KBM Affilips group companies have adopted integrated systems for quality management, environmental management and health & safety.
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Quality management

The Company’s success is the result of our commitment to quality. From product specification through all stages of manufacturing to final delivery, we are focused on quality to meet customer requirements. In 1989 KBM Master Alloys became the first master alloy producer to gain the international ISO 9001 certification. Since then all our facilities
achieved this accreditation.

Environmental management

It is our firm belief that melting metals in today's world is only justified under strict adherence to environmental regulations. However, in our opinion mere obedience to the rules is not sufficient; the conservation of our living environment requires a genuine commitment. This commitment  was translated into an ecological business policy introducing integrated environmental management based on the internationally recognized ISO 14001 standard.

Company wide accreditation was reached in the year 2000. As such we became the world's first manufacturer of aluminium, copper, nickel and lead based master alloys to be awarded the ISO 14001 certificate.
Our ecological business policy is designed to safeguard a healthy future, e.g. by providing a safe and clean workplace for our employees. All investments in new equipment are fully assessed according to both economic and environmental demands.

Occupational health & safety

The paramount importance of occupational health and safety is firmly rooted into the company policy of all KBM Affilips group members. This policy is first and foremost aimed at eliminating or minimising health and safety risks to employees and other stakeholders of the company in an effective and efficient manner. Given the nature of Affilips’ activities, the company decided to implement the OHSAS 18001 system and was certified accordingly in 2002. The transition towards the new ISO 45001 standard was successfully accomplished in 2020.

As a logical step KBM Affilips group companies are committed to attain European REACH compliance.





ISO 9001



ISO 14001



ISO 45001